In Need Of A Spa Day! Madonna Reveals Crusty Un-Pedicured Toe Nails

By Radar Staff

Madonna is known for being very particular about her appearance and desperately trying to remain youthful at 53.

But the singer made a major style faux pas Thursday when she strutted around on the black carpet at a New York event with crusty un-pedicured toenails, and has the photos.

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The revelation was made through the music icon’s black peep-toe shoes and made her otherwise polished outfit look very amateur.

Without a lick of polish, her nails looked yellow and unkempt with jagged edges.

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Madonna was launching her new fragrance Truth or Dare, named after her 1990 documentary movie.

As RadarOnline previously reported, the Material Girl’s latest album MDNA bombed, falling a massive 88 percent in its second week of sales.


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