Lady Gaga’s Latest LoveGame: Out With Taylor Kinney, In (Again) With Lüc Carl!

By Radar Staff

Lady Gaga is not able to hide her devotion to ex-boyfriend Lüc Carl with a poker face these days, as a source tells Star magazine that her fling with actor Taylor Kinney is cooling off, while her feelings for Lüc are heating back up!

“They never really gave up on each other: they’ve been talking a lot lately,” the source says of Lüc, who recently authored a book called The Drunk Diet, and is expected to meet up with Gaga in their native New York in the near future. (In contrast, Gaga and Kinney haven’t been seen out publicly in a month.)

The 26-year-old Bad Romance singer — who plugged Lüc’s book to her 22 million Twitter followers on March 25 — is “impressed by how ambitious he’s become since they split a year ago,” the insider tells Star.

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“He wrote the book and is opening his own club,” the insider says, predicting Lüc and his Lady will “probably end up together again.”

For more on this exclusive story, check out Star magazine — available on newsstands now.



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