Brooke Mueller Enters Plea In Drug Case, No Jail

By Radar Staff

Brooke Mueller formally pleaded guilty Monday to cocaine possession in an Aspen, Colorado courtroom, is reporting.

Mueller was arrested last December for cocaine possession and assault after allegedly getting into an altercation with a female at an Aspen nightclub.

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As previously reported, the assault charge was dismissed because there was no evidence that Brooke touched Llana Little.

The mother of Charlie Sheen‘s twin sons was recently released from the renowned Cirque Lodge, a rehab facility in Utah, where she was treated for 90 days for her addiction to crack cocaine.

Under the terms of her plea deal, Mueller must continue her outpatient drug treatment, and if she completes all terms of her probation, the possession charge will be dismissed in a year.

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Brooke will be back in Los Angeles Monday night and she will be going straight to her new house. As previously reported, Mueller recently bought Mel B‘s swanky mansion for $3.3 million dollars. “While she is away, movers will be transporting her things to the new house. The kids are beyond excited about it,” Steve Honig, Brooke Mueller’s rep tells broke the news in January that Mel and her husband Stephen Belafonte had listed the property for $3.45 million.

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Meanwhile, “Brooke is actively working on her sobriety and recovery everyday and is committed to living a clean life,” a source close to the situation says.


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