Chimp Attack Victim Charla Nash On Her New Face: ‘People Tell Me I Look Beautiful’

By Radar Staff

The Stamford, Connecticut woman who was disfigured in an attack from a neighbor’s pet chimp has a new face, and has video of her first interview.

Charla Nash talks about her progress following her 20-hour reconstructive operation (at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston this past May) on the British documentary, Extraordinary People.

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“A lot of people tell me I look beautiful and I never had anyone tell me that before,” Nash, who was also blinded in the ghastly attack, said. “I look OK now and I don’t have to worry about scaring anyone.”

Her twin brother Mike said, “I saw her and I said ‘Wow — it’s amazing, the miracles of science.'”

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One of her attending physicians, Bohdan Pomahac, said that the timetable for Nash to crack a smile is nine to 12 months.

Nash said she’s continuing with optimism in her recovery.

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“I think in the beginning, I always wondered ‘Why me?'” Nash said. “But then again, my whole life has not been easy but I never gave up.”

Nash also had her hands torn off by the chimp and underwent a double hand transplant at the same time she got her new face, but they had to be removed after complications caused low circulation in the new hands.

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The donor of Nash’s new face has been kept secret and Pomahac said: “From what we know, she will not resemble the donor. She will be looking like someone a little different than she was before the accident, but different than the donor.”

After the accident, the chimp was shot; its’ owner Sandra Herold died last year from an aneurysm.

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Watch Charla’s interview on RadarOnline below:


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