EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dina Lohan Pleads For 'No Car Chase' As Lindsay Gets Discharged From Betty Ford

After a 73 day stint at the Betty Ford center, Lindsay Lohan is about to be released from rehab — possibly as early as Monday — and her mother Dina tells RadarOnline.com exclusively she wants to avoid any trouble during her daughter’s departure from the Betty Ford Center.

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“I want to keep everyone safe and make sure there is no car chase,” Dina told RadarOnline.com about Lindsay discharge from rehab. Lindsay has completed her court-ordered stay as of Monday.

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In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Dina explained that the family had made “no definite plans for her pick up” and said reports that claimed she was taking Lindsay to a “secret location” after Betty Ford were not true.

“There is absolutely no secret place we have set up for her.

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“I don’t want to discuss her plans after she leaves Betty Ford because I want to avoid being followed,” Dina told RadarOnline.com.  “She doesn’t need the stress right now, I just want to move on and have a positive year.”

Paparazzi have routinely followed Lindsay and other stars as they enter and leave rehab, often creating a dangerous situation with high-speed car chases — a scenerio Dina wants to avoid.

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Lindsay, 24, is finishing rehab after first being sentenced to jail but Dina has high hopes for 2011.

“It has been a long two years for us, and we are happy that it’s almost over,” Dina told RadarOnline.com.



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