PHOTOS: Randy Quaid Is Pretty In Pink; Doggin’ It In Canada

In an attempt to escape the “star whackers” of Hollywood, Randy and Evi Quaid have taken refuge in Canada and has the latest photos of the Christmas Vacation star walking his dog Wednesday in Vancouver.

PHOTOS: Randy Quaid Pretty In Pink

The quirky couple has been the center of controversy since they skipped out on numerous hearings in a Santa Barbara courthouse for illegally squatting in a home they used to own and for defrauding an innkeeper after skipping out on a hotel bill.

The pair requested asylum in Canada – insisting that “star whackers” who targeted other famous celebs such as Heath Ledger are out to kill them.

PHOTOS: The Quaids Pose For Their April 2010 Mug Shots

As previously reported, the Quaids forfeited $1 million in bail they posted following their October arrest for felony vandalism by remaining in Canada instead of showing for their California hearing. can confirm a motion for extradition of the Quaids from Canada has still not been filed at this time.


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