EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Read The Arrest Report For Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Cy Waits

RadarOnline.com has obtained the exclusive documents detailing the weekend arrest of Paris Hilton‘s boyfriend Cy Waits.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: The Arrest Report For Cy Waits

In the Impaired Driving Report, the arresting officer writes on August 27 that he “could smell marijuan [sic] coming out of the vehicle.” The officer pulled up to the passenger side (where Hilton was sitting) and Waits “stated he just got done smoking.”

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The document reveals that Waits failed a series of field sobriety tests including a one-leg stand (OSL) test. Waits “put his foot down twice and used his arms to try and save him from fall.”

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The only drug suspected in the report is marijuana.

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Waits was described as having breath smelling of alcohol, normal pupil size, normal speech patterns, but wobbly balance. It also lists him as being “polite” and “cooperative” during the process.


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