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Sonja Starts War With Bethenny While LuAnn & Ramona Bicker On 'RHONY'

The Real Housewives of New York City each insist they are moving on to the future, but somehow, get stuck in past drama.

Quite literally, episode 6 starts off with Carole Radiziwill hosting a psychic reading at her home where Bethenny Frankel, Jules Wainstein and Dorinda Medley all are visited by (actual) ghosts from their past. Carole thought it would be a "fun" activity to do over wine and cheese until Dorinda got emotional about her ex-husband and, when things took a turn for the absolute worst, Dorinda got into a spat with Ramona.

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The psychic gives Dorinda a message from her late husband, Richard, but a bleak reading into her future with John Mahdessian, claiming "he's good for now" but "can't give you that safety," which Medley later agrees was "pretty accurate" in her confessional.

But when the psychic tells her that she would never marry John, Ramona blurts out, "Thank God" and starts a Housewives war.

"Don't say that Ramona," Dorinda yells. "I'm sick and tired of you saying bad stuff about John. Stop it. He doesn't like you either. He thinks you're a b***h. If you were a good friend, you'd be supportive."

Of course, then Dorinda takes it a step too far and brings up Ramona's ex, Mario Singer, and how he left her for someone else. Ouch.

"This fight is crazy," Carole says in her confessional. "Ramona definitely lit the match but Dorinda is fueling the fire."

Thankfully, Bethenny was there to lighten the mood, despite receiving a reading about her estranged father.

"That's the big piece of information?" she quips. "Tell me how many times I masturbate a year. Tell me when my divorce is gonna be over!"

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Speaking of over, Dorinda and Ramona's fight ended as quickly as it started and all is well in Housewives land, for now.

Flash forward to Medley's dinner with her boyfriend where, surprise, a fight breaks out. After complaining about constant kissing and his light up reading glasses he probably "found in Queens," the couple gets into a heated discussion about Ramona.

"I don't think John and Ramona are taking my feelings into consideration at all," she says in her confessional. "I think they're both being narcissistic. I think they're both just trying to win."

Dorinda calls John "rude" and says he was being "disrespectful" about the whole ordeal and insists he should just thank her for sticking up for him. But when he stabs his fork into her plate to eat her food, Medley loses it and delivers possibly the best exit line in Housewives history.

"Do it again and grab an E-Z Pass back to Queens. I'm done," she says before walking out.

Later though, the two reunite for Sonja's birthday party like nothing happened.

Bethenny Frankel
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"John and I are sometimes volatile," she explains. "People don't understand the relationship between John and I. We didn't have a good dinner…tonight we're gonna have a good night."

But the good night quickly goes sour for almost all of the girls, except for Bethenny, who doesn't show up for Sonja's birthday party.

A fight breaks out between LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona, while Sonja is stuck in the middle. Last episode, Ramona admitted that she doesn't think LuAnn should live with Sonja because she would be a bad influence and proceeds to call their shared space a "brothel." Let's just say the Countess thought that was really "uncool."

"You tell her I'm a bad influence?" LuAnn retorts. "Ramona is one to talk about me being a bad influence on Sonja. Are you kidding me, Miss Turtle Time?"

"I'm not like LuAnn and Sonja who stay out until 4 in the morning and then bring whatever guys they meet back to the place then drink until 6 and who else knows what they do," Ramona says in her confessional.

And since shots were fired, Dorinda gets her revenge and tells LuAnn that Ramona was spreading the story that she re-gifted her birthday present, as seen in last week's episode.

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"You're so ungrateful!" LuAnn says. "I'm so ungrateful? No you're inconsiderate," Ramona fired back.

Sonja points out that no one brought her a gift! "I have to listen to the whole spiel about LuAnn re-gifting the gift," she says in confessional. "Meanwhile, what did you bring for my birthday, b***h?"

But Sonja gave a gift to her entire party: the big reveal about her now-controversial business venture with Tipsy Girl, a line of wines and restaurants with business partner Peter Guimaraes.

"I've been trying to get into the Prosecco business forever," Sonja admits. "I can't take credit for the name Tipsy Girl. Peter and his partner Pierre trademarked it. And I love the name. I feel like I'm the ultimate Tipsy Girl."

While Lady Morgan passes out Prosecco, the RHONY ladies spill the tea on what they really think of Sonja's new venture.

"Booze? That's the last thing Sonja needs to do," Ramona says, adding: "Skinny girl? Tipsy girl? A little too close to home."

"I think when Bethenny hears about Tipsy Girl, s**t is gonna go down," Jules adds.

For someone who "does not have a way with words," according to Bethenny, Jules certainly knows how to predict future drama.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays at 9 on Bravo!



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