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Vicki Gunvalson Bashes Meghan Edmonds In Bitter Catfight: 'You're A Pain In The A**'

Meghan Edmonds' evil actions came back to bite her on episode nine of the Real Housewives of Orange County, after she attacked both Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd in a series of backstabbing situations.

The drama began when Dodd told Edmonds about her upcoming meeting with Shannon Beador, claiming that she caught her "recording my conversation," and wanted to confront her "in person."

"Meghan went and called Shannon," Dodd told her mother, who instantly accused Edmonds of "stirring the pot."

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During a call, Beador, 53, adamantly denied having recorded Dodd. The 43-year-old ultimately believed her, saying: "That is what I thought I saw but if you're promising me then I'll believe you."

Dodd spoke to Edmonds, 32, next, who apologized for calling Beador. "I didn't want you to sit on it. Sorry I should have let you handle it," and admitted: "Yeah, you're right. I shouldn't have said anything. I couldn't help myself."

Trying to defend herself, Edmonds claimed "I told Shannon because I don't want Kelly's crazy thought to ruin the relationship they just built," but it was too late.

"That just goes to show me now I can't trust her," Dodd said, while Edmonds cooed to her daughter: "She's mad at me, but guess what? I don't really care because I have you."

Peggy Sulahian made two brief appearances on the show, and never with the other women. The first was during a trip to New York, where she went to check out a college with her daughter. Her husband warned her not to shop, while she pointed out the fact that they had a $300,000, a $400,000 and a $750,000 car sitting in their garage.

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"Diko is such a hypocrite. He spends millions of dollars," she said about her husband.

The screen then flashed to her on an intimate dinner with her husband, where she insisted that their daughter should have the opportunity to go away for school.

"I want her to have the confidence that she's able to do it," Sulahian, 44, said.

Edmonds continued her Mean Girls impersonation, as she shared a lunch with Gunvalson, 55, yet slammed her the whole way through.

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"I want to meet with Vicki because I want to try and understand where she's coming from with Tamra and Shannon," she said. As they discussed the fight between the three women, it was clear Edmonds was not on Gunvalson's side.

"Meghan, I am a victim. They've hurt me," she told her RHOC co-star. "This constant accusing me of being involved in some scam. I wasn't involved in the scam Brooks Ayers faking cancer that was. I never benefited, I'm the one who got hurt."

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Edmonds refused to accept Gunvalson's explanation. "You might not have benefited, but you got the sympathy and attention you craved," she quipped.

Gunvalson continued to defend herself: "It took me a year to get really good and then I met Steve. I've gone through like a death. I had to get my whole mindset."

Edmonds then brought up Gunvalson's attack on Tamra Judge. "You perpetuated a rumor that Eddie's gay," she noted.

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"I told Kelly privately, have you heard the rumor that Eddie's gay? She said yes. I never meant it to come back to Tamra, nor did I mean it to hurt her," Gunvalson explained.

Then Edmonds moved on to Beador. "What's the deal with you and Shannon? You said that her husband beat her."

Gunvalson admitted that was the wrong move. "I probably shouldn't have said that to Kelly," but Edmonds continued to berate her.

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"You don't perpetuate a rumor" and Gunvalson reiterated that she had "all the text messages and pictures. Do I ever want to reveal it? No!"

Edmonds encouraged her to "show them," but Gunvalson said no. "I don't want to do that, why would I want to hurt her?" Replied Edmonds: "I think that you've already done that really well."

A livid Gunvalson tried to defend her actions: "It wasn't gossip, and I talked to Shannon about getting help." Asked Edmonds, "Weren't you afraid for her well-being? Why didn't you call the police?" Replied Gunvalson, "Because it wasn't my place."

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Edmonds continued to rip on Gunvalson, saying: "I still think it is pretty sh***y that you would share that with Kelly. It is clearly in Shannon's life." With that, Gunvalson got a clue that Edmonds was setting her up.

"I've shared more with you, now what, I'm in trouble again? I am because now you're going to say something. I don't want you to say anything."

"The girl's a trouble maker," Gunvalson said about Edmonds. "The girl's a pain in the a**."

Vicki Gunvalson
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As they ended their meal, Gunvalson tried to plead her own case again. "The whole thing scares me. I don't like it. I don't want to hurt Shannon, I really don't."

In a different scenario, Beador and Judge, 50, went costume shopping for a night out in West Hollywood when Edmonds called to tell them about her conversation with Gunvalson.

"I had lunch with Vicki – she talked about you getting hit by David," she revealed to Beador, who went off on her cancer-faking scheme with Brooks Ayers. "They faked a cat scan. They faked chemotherapy records. I appreciate you being a good friend and defending us," she told Edmonds.

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Judge was not impressed. "Vicki's like a broken record. She can suck my b***s!"

Gunvalson's romance with her boyfriend Steve Lodge barreled full steam ahead during the episode, as the love-struck reality star jokingly asked him to marry her.

"Steve is like a trophy man. He is what every woman wants. I really love him. I do. I am a marriage girl. I love being married. I was married for 30 years. I want to be married again. Kidding. Maybe next year!"

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Lydia McLaughlin joined Beador, Dodd, and Edmonds for Drag Queen bingo at Hamburger Marys' in West Hollywood. Judge invited her psychic friend Scott Cruz, "the one that called out Brooks for faking cancer," she said.

McLaughlin, 36, was visibly uncomfortable around the drag queens, but Cruz honed in on Dodd at their table.

"You're friends with Vicki? How come she's not here," he asked Dodd, to which she replied, "No one wants her here." Blurted out McLaughlin: "I do."

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Cruz told Dodd he was getting a feeling about her relationship with Gunvalson, saying: "I don't want to say you're gonna turn on her but you're gonna do something that's gonna cause you to separate."

Judge, never missing an opportunity to slam Gunvalson, told Dodd: "She'll do something to you, trust me.

Dodd had no time for him. "It's become clear to me there is an agenda here. Tamra brings her psychic to talk crap about Vicki. I see right through your bulls**t."

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The ladies got wild and dressed in their own version of drag, with Beador even taking a spanking when McLaughlin called a false bingo. Sparks flew between Dodd and Edmonds.

"Is Kelly going to be nice to me?" she asked the psychic.

"She is not a sh*t stirrer," Beador tried to protest as Dodd got upset.

"I thought we were friends until you said my husband was having a 10-year affair when I was seven months pregnant," Edmonds said, bringing up old news from last season.

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Beador instantly took Edmonds' side. "Kelly, an allegation that your husband is having an affair is one of the most painful things anyone can take," but Dodd threw it right back at her, recalling Edmonds' accusation against her.

"It's painful for somebody to say I'm having an affair with my family friend! You dug at me about my friend, who's like my brother! I have the texts."

The screen flashed to the shocking text messages between the two. "Tit for tat," said Beador.

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McLaughlin had enough. "I came into this trying to be open minded. The spanking. Everything about it makes me feel uncomfortable. This is really wearing on me," she said, and escaped to the bathroom.

Edmonds ripped into Dodd, telling her, "You're being so immature now. You're delusional."

Dodd tried to turn the tables on Edmonds, saying: "Everyone always wants to point fingers at Vicki. Meghan is the source of the problem, not Vicki!"

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A cruel Dodd then ripped into Edmonds, saying, "You should take care of your baby, a little baby that's home by themselves sic."

Beador was horrified, telling Dodd, "Don't take that vicious step and criticize her as a mother."

Edmonds cried to Judge, who tried to comfort her while McLaughlin noted that Edmonds was "bringing it all up again."

Edmonds played the victim, slamming Dodd.

"It sucks that Kelly is turning against me again. I had her back through thick and thin. It sucks because I've seen this side of Kelly with my other friends, I just never thought it would be directed at me."

Dodd ended the show with a bitter observation: "They can push your buttons and dig at you, but when you dig right back they don't like it."

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