Scientology Lawyers Scrambling To Silence Leah Remini

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Scientology Lawyers Scrambling To Silence Leah Remini

For decades, former Scientologist Leah Remini has kept quiet about what she witnessed as a member of the controversial church. But just as she was about to tell all in a court-ordered deposition, Scientology lawyers have gone to court to force her to keep her mouth shut.

Remini was set to be subpoenaed for a deposition in Monique Rathbun‘s  harassment lawsuit against the church. “We believe Ms. Remini can shed some light on the subject …” Rathbun’s lead counsel Ray Jeffreys told last week.

In particular, they hoped to have Remini discuss both David Miscavige‘s iron-fisted control of church operations, as well as his concern with Marty Rathbun, Monique’s husband and a former high-level Scientologist. The deposition was expected to take place on October 15 in Los Angeles, where Remini is rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars.

But on Friday, lawyers for Scientology moved to prevent the subpoena before it had even been served.

Jeffrey will be in court this afternoon to argue that Remini’s subpoena should be reinstated, as well as that for former Scientologist spokesman Tommy Davis, which the Church’s lawyers were able to axe on Friday.

Rathbun has sued the Church of Scientology, its leader, Miscavige, and two private detectives for allegedly mounting an intensive campaign of harassment against her and her husband for several years after he left the church.