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Sex, Lies & Sound Bites: The 30 Most Memorable And Outrageous Quotes From Jodi Arias Trial

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Apr. 23 2013, Published 6:52 a.m. ET

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The bombshell Jodi Arias’ murder trial has been compared to a Hollywood courtroom drama, with the pretty brunette defendant playing the starring role of femme fatale.

With the case so packed with angry stand-offs, vicious sparring, and downright jaw-dropping revelations, script writers will have plenty of material to choose from when they write the movie adaptation of the legal aftermath Travis Alexander's brutal June 2008 death.

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As the trial now enters its fourth month with no end in sight, has gathered the most memorable and outrageous sound bites blasted out in the Maricopa County Courtroom in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

"What were you going to do with the gun, ma'am? Throw it at him?" the prosecutor asked Jodi about why she'd taken a gun with her when she met with Travis.

2. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

"Can you imagine how much it must have hurt Mr. Alexander when you stuck that knife right into his chest?" when Jodi complained of the pain from a cut finger.

3. Juan Martinez to Gus Searcy:

"You don't get to ask the questions. I do," said the prosecutor when he scolded the former magician, self-help guru and Frisbee dog champion.

4. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

"You were so offended that you still decided to go on vacation with him, right?" when she said she was offended that Travis was texting with other women.

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5. Jodi Arias to Juan Martinez

"I think I'm more focused on your posture and your tone and your anger so it's hard to process the questions," the murder defendant told the confrontational lawyer.

6. Dr. Richard Samuels to Juan Martinez

"That was an oversight and I should have done that," said the psychologist when admitting that he didn't bother to retest Jodi even after she had confessed to lying about begin attacked by intruders.

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7. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

"God's not here. We can't subpoena him," said the lawyer during cross examination, when the Jodi claimed that God was the only witness to what went through her mind after her arrest for Travis' murder.

8. Jodi Arias to Travis Alexander (In His Memorial Service Guest Book):

"Travis, you are beautiful on the inside and out...this world has been blessed because you have been here," his killer wrote.

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9. Jodi Arias to Jennifer Willmott:

"I kind of felt like a prostitute. It seemed like Travis kind of had a Bill Clinton version of sex – where oral and anal are also sex to me, but not for him."

10. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

“Were you crying when you were shooting him? Were you crying when you were stabbing him? How about when you cut his throat, were you crying then?"

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11. Alyce LaViolette to Juan Martinez:

"I am not an expert on orgasms," she replied as Martinez compared Jodi and Travis' sex tape to When Harry Met Sally.

12. Jodi Arias to Juan Martinez:

“I think I believed I was innocent of first degree murder and I planned to kill myself," Arias revealed of her alleged suicide plan.

13. Jodi Arias to Juan Martinez:

"Usually, when men like you are screaming at me or grilling me, it makes my brain scramble," she cheekily replied when asked by the bulldog lawyer, "What factors influence you having a memory problem?"

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14. Juan Martinez to Alyce LaViolette:

"You are a human lie detector."

15. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

"You believe you're going to be acquitted because you came in and told those stories, don't you?" Martinez asked, referring to Arias' claim that Alexander sexually exploited and abused her. "I can't predict the future," she coldly replied.

16. Jodi Arias to Jennifer Willmott:

"(I felt like) a piece of toilet paper," Arias said when describing the sex acts she performed with Travis at a California hotel.

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17. Juan Martinez to Dr. Richard Samuels:

“When she was a teenager, isn’t it true that the defendant had such anger toward her mother Sandy, that she treated her like crap?"

18. Jodi Arias to Travis Alexander

“The only thing I’ll be spitting out is the fact that you’re a pedophile," Jodi messaged Travis after she claims she found him masturbating to photos of young boys.

19. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

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"There would be no other reason to leave a dead man a telephone message would there?" Martinez noted, referring to Jodi's post-killing call to Travis to cover her tracks. "Um, that was my goal," she replied.

20. Alyce LaViolette to Juan Martinez:

"If you were in my group, I would ask you take a time out," she said as her adversary's questioning got increasingly heated.

21. Jodi Arias to Juan Martinez

“I couldn’t keep my stories straight. It’s all the same thing, just different versions – I couldn’t keep my lies straight,” said Jodi while detailing her confusing web of deception.

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22. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

“You have problems with the truth? You lie, don’t you?”

23. Sandy Arias to Detective Esteban Flores:

"Jodi had mental problems. Jodi would freak out all the time… We don't have a good relationship."

24. Jodi Arias to Kirk Nurmi:

“I wish I could turn back the clock and make some different decisions. We’d all be in different places now.

25. Jodi Arias to Jennifer Willmott:

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“He kept running, like a linebacker. I didn’t mean to shoot him or anything. I didn’t even think I was holding the trigger."

27. Dr Richard Samuels to Jury Questions:

“It is important to note that the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not a ‘get out of jail free’ diagnosis."

28. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

"He was speaking English to you right?" he said scaracasically as Jodi tried to claim she may have been confused by some of the questions police asked when she was interrogated about Alexander's death.

29. Jodi Arias to Kirk Nurmi:

“I believed that he would get better and fix the parts of himself that he believed needed work."

30. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias:

"This fog is not so deep that it stops you from attempting to fabricate evidence, right," Martinez asked Arias, in regard to the message she left on Alexander's voicemail after his death.



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