Time Is Not On Their Side! Shocking Celebrity Age Transformations

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Time Is Not On Their Side! Shocking Celebrity Age Transformations

By Radar Staff

Some people age gracefully, and others simply don’t!

All the money in the world can’t save Hollywood stars from getting older, but while some manage to maintain their looks through the years, others haven’t been quite so fortunate. From too much plastic surgery to outrageous weight gain, RadarOnline.com has photos of the 20 most shocking celebrity transformations.

It’s hard to believe that both Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Montag are in their mid-twenties! While The Hills star aged over a decade overnight when she underwent several plastic surgery procedures in late 2009, LiLo’s partying ways seem to have caught up to her in the form of her fuller face and yellowed teeth.

Mickey Rourke was once one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks, steaming up the screen in sexy flicks such as Body Heat and 9 1/2 Weeks, but it was the genetically blessed star’s brief boxing career that banged up his face and infamously forced him into getting plastic surgery. Mickey’s career has recovered since the incident, but the actor definitely doesn’t have the sex appeal of his younger years.

Sinead O’Connor and Axl Rose were two of the most sizzling acts on the stage in the late 1980s and the early 1990s, but both the rockers shockingly transformed their looks years after their number one hits. After packing on the pounds and several rumored nip-and-tucks later, Rose is hardly recognizable, while O’Connor just looks like she let herself go.

Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards has shied away from plastic surgery and let nature take its course, but all those hard partying years have definitely caught up with the rocker.

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