Jason 'Gummi Bear' Davis' Horrific Relapse, Shooting Heroin In His Foot

Jason 'Gummi Bear' Davis' Horrific Relapse, Shooting Heroin In His Foot

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

Jason ‘Gummi Bear’ Davis has had a life-long struggle with substance abuse, and it’s worse than ever, because RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned the oil heir has been shooting heroin into the vein in his foot, resulting in massive sores and a nasty infection!

Even though Jason, 27, is staying at a sober living house in Los Angeles, he’s free to come and go as he pleases and a close pal exclusively tells RadarOnline.com he’s anything but sober — he’s been regularly shooting heroin into his foot which doubled with the fact that he has diabetes, has had him in and out of the emergency room.

“The video was taken on Tuesday night after a vein in his foot exploded and he was trying to wrap it up in a bandage,” the pal says of the exclusive video footage obtained by Radar.

“His foot is black and blue and it’s disgusting. There was blood everywhere and Jason’s so out of it and lazy that the blood stains are still all over his room and on the sheets. He hasn’t cleaned any of it up.”

According to the insider, Jason claimed to have went to the ER last week but came back with no treatment or medication so friends took him  again the next night.

“He begged his friends to take him because he didn’t want to be taken in an ambulance. And this is how bad his addiction is; before they took him to the hospital he asked them if he could get him heroin!” the source revealed.

“Obviously no one gave him heroin and after a few hours in the hospital he came back with a huge nasty crater in his foot. I really hope this guy gets help, because he is definitely not sober and he’s causing chaos in that sober house.”

Jason appeared on season four of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010 and his mother, Nancy Davis, previously told Radar, “My son is an addict.”

A rep for Davis had “no comment.”

WARNING: The video contains graphic content.

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