‘You’re Stepping Into Hell!’ Rookies Join The Deadliest Catch Crew On Desperate Mission

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‘You’re Stepping Into Hell!’ Rookies Join The Deadliest Catch Crew On Desperate Mission

By Radar Staff

No apologies on the Bering Sea!

Nevermind a baptism of fire… for rookies Chris Scanlon and Brady Quinn it’s trial by sinuous, sometimes malevolent, water as they join Keith Colburn and crew in search of precious red crab in the next episode of Discovery’s The Deadliest Catch — and RadarOnline.com has exclusive video of their perilous ordeal.

It’s the first open water voyage of Chris’s life and as Keith walks him onto the Wizard, the experienced seafarer stops the youngster and tells him: “Just be forewarned, as soon as you step over this line onto the boat, you’re stepping into hell.”

Their last search for blue crab was a disaster, and ended with crew member Danny being told to leave the boat, so they need a large haul of red meat, and for everyone to pull their weight.

The crew’s other new greenhorn is 20-year-old Brady.

The baby-faced youngster looks even less ready to take on the vicissitudes of the sea than Chris, prompting quips that they’re the new ‘Dumb and Dumber’ from the crew.

But Keith rates Brady’s experience, while complaining that Chris hasn’t got a clue, as the rookies try to prep the boat with the veteran crew.

“The last time I brought a kid this green up here, I knew I was screwed when his mom called and asked me who did the laundry,” he said.

You can catch an all new The Deadliest Catch Tuesday on Discovery Channel at  9 p.m. EST.

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