Barack Obama’s Brother Slams The President In New Tell-All Book: ‘What A Stuck-Up A**hole!’

No brotherly love here!

In his new memoir, President Barack Obama’s half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo reveals the secret war between the siblings, the National ENQUIRER can exclusively report.

The tension between the men came to a head in 1988 when Barack visited Kenya to find out more about his late father, Barack Obama Sr., who abandoned the politician and his mother, Ann Dunham, when he was a young boy. The elder Barack, whom Mark claims was an abusive alcoholic, later moved on with Mark’s mother, and died in a car crash at just 46 in 1982.

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The two grown men shared a meal at an Indian restaurant in Nairobi.

“Do you even know what your father did to us?” Ndesandjo says he asked his brother.

“I don’t know and I really don’t care,” Obama allegedly responded.

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“We had barely met and now he was exploring my darkest past, asking me those intensely personal questions…Barack was relentless in his questioning. What a stuck-up a**hole,” Ndesandjo writes in her new tell-all, out September 16.

Ndesandjo, a Brown and Stanford graduate who works as an author, pianist and brush calligrapher, also claims his brother included many factual errors in his 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.

“Here I have detailed some points in it that need to be finally corrected, as they have led to years of rumors and false assumptions about family relationships, which, in some cases, have hurt people,” he writes.

For more juicy details from Ndesandjo’s book, pick up the new issue of The National Enquirer.

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