Together Again! Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith Reunite In ‘Automata’ Trailer – Watch It!

They may be divorced now, but Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith will be together again in the future – the distant future.

The trailer for Automata, Banderas and Griffith’s new movie, has been released, and it will definitely keep audiences on their toes – either for the action or for seeing the former couple rekindled. Set about 30 years into the future, Automata takes a look at that moment when robots start to become more powerful than their creators.

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Although movies tend to focus on robots turning evil instead of good – scratch that, Robin Williams’ Bicentennial Man showed us that falling in love with a robot may not be such a bad thing – this movie might give moviegoers a touch of empathy on the side of the bots a la Planet of the Apes.

If all else fails, we’ll get to see Banderas and Griffith reunite for one last time before officially going their separate ways.

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Watch the trailer below, and tell us if you think you’ll see Automata!

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