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‘I Never Thought That There Would Be Hair On The Floor,’ Melissa Gorga Says Of Amber Marchese Fight With Twins Teresa Aprea & Nicole Napolitano

Melissa Gorga, spending time in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live along with husband Joe Sunday, gave her two cents about the brouhaha between Amber Marchese and twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano, the role she played leading up to the skirmish, and how she’s getting along with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice these days.

As we previously reported, Sunday’s edition of Real Housewives of New Jersey saw the twins face off with their castmate at a party, and Melissa said she couldn’t definitively place blame on either side in the clash.

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“I feel like Amber came in very strong, but I know Nicole pulled the first hair,” the 35-year-old beauty said. “I feel like they both equally [were accountable] — I don’t think anyone should put their hands on anyone, that I will say.”

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The Tom’s River stunner admitted she regretted fueling the fire between the two parties after informing the twins of Amber’s inflammatory comments against Nicole — calling her a homewrecker — albeit not knowing it would wind up in yanked roots and bruised egos.

“I never like when anyone puts their hands on one another. I played a part in that, absolutely, but I also felt like Amber put me in a really bad position, because I’ve had things like that happen to me on the show before, and by her telling me on camera and for the world to see — that was her good friend, I met her through her. And she was just singing like a canary in front of the cameras.”

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“Now you’re putting me in a bad spot, because now I feel like I have to tell Nicole that this is being said for the world to hear . . . [but] I never thought that there would be hair on the floor.”

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com:

The mother-of-three made clear she and her husband have remained on good terms with the Giudices as they deal with an onslaught of legal woes.

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“We talk to her,” the cookbook entrepreneur revealed. “She actually just stopped by our shore house, but we weren’t there. She was at the back on the boat. Yeah we talk to her.

“She’s good you know, Teresa’s strong.”

On a lighter note, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, who dropped the single “On Display” on iTunes three years ago this month, indirectly told Cohen the reason viewers haven’t seen her songbird side in some time, is because of the show’s creative editing when it came to her vocal flubs.

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“I chose not to give The Real Housewives any music this year . . . you know, sometimes you show when I hit the note and sometimes you don’t,” she said.

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