George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin’s Wedding License Posted In England, Couple Expected To Tie Knot Next Month

In a move that signifies their journey to the altar is in sight, George Clooney and fiancée Amal Alamuddin posted the requisite wedding banns (a marital license) outside of London’s Chelsea Town Hall, indicating they plan on tying the knot in Italy next month, has learned.

The document, which is openly displayed to the public for at least 16 days prior to the wedding, show the 53-year-old Oscar-winner’s full name, George Timothy Clooney, with his occupation described as “actor and director,” and marital status classified as previous marriage dissolved.” (The actor’s four-year union to Talia Balsam ended in 1993.)

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The 36-year-old Alamuddin’s occupation is shown as “barrister,” with her status classified as “single.”

The comely couple is expected to officially seal the deal next month in Italy at the Ocean’s 11 star’s villa in Lake Como, where local legislation keeps the expected swath of paparazzi at bay.

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Laglio mayor Roberto Pozzi said unauthorized personnel are “completely forbidden to stop outside the entrance to Clooney’s villa” due to concerns related to traffic, security and privacy.

The couple has been dating since last September, with the Up in the Air star sealing the deal in April by proposing to the lovely lawyer with a lavish engagement ring.

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