Not Loving Married Life? Kanye West Previews ‘Dark’ ‘Hellish’ New Songs In London Gig

Married life has not mellowed Kanye West. The newly married rapper has unleashed some of his angriest rants yet since tying the knot with Kim Kardashian, and has learned that West’s big-mouthed bad attitude appears to be spilling over into his newest music, which fans have called “hellish,” “dark” and “hard!”

West reportedly previewed the tracks during a 20-minute set at London’s Café Royal Hotel following his second Wireless Festival set on Sunday night.

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Fans were barred from taking pictures and no recordings have surfaced, but according to eyewitnesses on Twitter, the content was somewhat disturbing.

British DJ Jason Powell claimed the songs were “all hard,” and likely “for his new album.”

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In addition, he said, it was “dark,” “hellish,” and “groundbreaking.”

So, no sweet love songs for his reality TV wife and one-year-old daughter North?

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In any case, the news that West is back to work should come as a pleasant surprise to fans, who were disappointed when he cancelled his Australian tour in May to finish the album, which had been due for a summer release, but has since been pushed back indefinitely.

Will you buy West’s “hellish” new album? Let us know in the comments!

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