Nightmare Mom? Brandi Glanville Under Fire AGAIN For Tweeting Half-Naked Pic Of Sons, Fans Slam ‘Inappropriate’ Pic

Brandi Glanville  just can’t win. Only weeks after fans slammed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star for joking about her “a**hole” son on air, the reality TV mom is under fire yet again after tweeting a pic of her sons in their underwear. After fans ripped her apart for the “nasty” pic, Glanville of course came back swinging — and has all the details.

The latest mama drama started innocently enough, when Glanville posted this photo of her sons with Eddie Cibrian, Jake, 7, and Mason, 11, building a desk.

Proud mom Glanville wrote, “My little helpers are trying to build Jake’s desk!”

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But Twitter critics were quick to pounce calling the pic “inappropriate” and slamming her parenting skills.

“Sorry … it’s not appropriate to post pics of kids only in their underwear,” @Marissa_saysso wrote.

User @JosephVLopez agreed, “It’s very inappropriate!”

And @SusanSavoieRich wrote, “I too don’t think it’s appropriate to post your kids in their underpants on Twitter … just sayin!!”

Never one to keep quiet, Glanville was quick to hit back

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“They both were clothed from waist down whatever!” she wrote. “I was naked my whole life- #f*ckoffhaters”

She continued, “It was evening & guess what mine do[wear their underpants around the house]…I guess your [sic] a better person ur your [sic] kids wear more clothes #not”

“You can’t post a pic or tweet without haters!” she continued to rant. “I think this Halloween I will pass out Lexapro to all the kids parents #gethappy”

Do you think the picture was inappropriate? Do you think she’s a good mom? Let us know in the comments!

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