Hollywood Turns On Theresa: Howard Stern Bans ‘Long Island Medium’ Star Caputo From His Show, Anderson Cooper Says He’s ‘Skeptical’ Of Her Supernatural Abilities

Some of her live audience members and even a few former clients are calling Theresa Caputo.

a phony— and certain A-list celebrities aren’t buying her medium act, either.

At the urge of his Long Island Medium

fan writer Sal Governale, media mogul Howard Stern

reluctantly approached Caputo, 47, to appear on his Sirius XM show in 2013— but says he was turned off by her outrageous demands, which included needing 45 minutes alone with the studio audience before the cameras rolled.

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“We’re not interested in leaving people alone with the Long Island psychic for 45 minutes,” Stern said. “She’s never coming in here…It’s never going to happen. The Long Island psychic is not a psychic.”

Anderson Cooper did welcome the reality star onto his former daytime talk show in 2012, but says the big-haired blonde left him feeling underwhelmed.

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“I’m pretty skeptical about this Long Island Medium stuff,” he said in a post-show web interview. “There’s a lot you can say to a room of 300 people….Somebody here has ashes of a loved one, there’s a pretty good chance somebody has a piece of jewelry with some ashes in it. People so want to believe in things…but I want to see actual proof.”

It’s easy to see why the CNN anchorman wasn’t a believer: In a web exclusive clip from Cooper’s former show, Caputo completely missed the mark while reading an elderly man who had lost his wife in the audience’s front row .

“Did she have an issue with her legs prior to her passing?” she asked.

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“No, she had a gallbladder issue,” he replied, shaking his head.

Saturday Night Live even mocked Caputo’s reading tactics on the show in 2012: Cast member Kate McKinnon imitated the Hicksville, New York native in a parody skit.

“Whose father loved nuts, was it you?” McKinnon said, pointing to a squirrel. “He loves you and he’s at peace!”

As Radar exclusively reported, a former client who filmed with Caputo for the reality show has come forward, alleging the star faked the reading.

“Right when she left the house I said, ‘Wow, that is NOT what I expected,’” says the widowed mother, who welcomed Caputo into her New York home last fall. “I don’t believe her. I think she’s full of crap!”

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The star is currently touring the country, bringing sold-out shows to audiences of more than 2,000.

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