Did Dean McDermott Cheat On Tori Spelling With More Than One Woman? She’s Too Scared To Ask! ‘If He Says There Were Others, I Have To Leave,’ She Says

Tori Spelling is admitting she’s too scared to ask cheating husband Dean McDermott if there was more than one “other woman” because of the consequences his answer would have for their marriage.

As RadarOnline.com has extensively reported, Hollywood’s poor little rich girl and McDermott have explored their troubled marriage all season on True Tori after he admitted to having an affair with Emily Goodhand in Toronto last year.

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And now, in Radar’s preview clip for the last episode of their Lifetime show, airing Tuesday night, Entertainment Tonight correspondent Brooke Anderson asks Spelling the crucial question viewers have been dying to know: “Why did you never ask Dean if there were other women?”

Spelling takes a deep breath and says, “I was afraid. I’m still afraid because I feel like there’s no good answer. If he says that there weren’t any other women, I don’t know if right now I can believe him and trust that that’s true.”

The former Beverly Hills 90210 star explains, “If he says some number…that there’s others, I feel like that makes my decision for me. I have to leave and my heart wants to try to work this out so I think that was — I feel that I’ve come so far but that was my one way of protecting myself was to not ask the obvious question.”

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As the reunion show which wraps up the agonizing series, Anderson will ask other pointed questions of the couple, who have four kids — including, have they had sex since the scandal? Was the fling faked? And, to McDermott, “Can Tori trust you again?”

True Tori airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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