‘Everything’s Always Been Great’ With Me & My Daughter Tori, Candy Spelling Says

Much ado about nothing, says Candy Spelling, about the decade-long reports of tension between herself and 41-year-old daughter Tori Spelling.

The show biz mom, coming off a revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey, opened up about the misconceptions swirling between herself and the reality star as her personal driver unloaded her shopping cart in a Los Angeles shopping center.

“Everything’s been better with you and …?” the cameraman asked, with Candy cutting him off mid-sentence to declare, “Everything’s always been good.”

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When the cameraman asked Candy, 68, to reiterate her opinion that it’s actually the media who’s turned molehills into mountains regarding the tension, Candy said, without hesitation, “Yeah I do, thank you.”

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In the Oprah: Where Are They Now? special, Spelling said of her rift with her daughter: “I call it the ‘infamous feud between Tori and Mom’ — a lot of that was blown out of proportion.”

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She also intimated that she got a raw deal in the back-and-forth, saying that, “A lot of it was, ‘Oh, poor Tori’: It was played that way, I have to say, in an unfair way. No one really looked at the facts.”

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