Virgin Murderer Elliot Rodger Was 'Special Needs High Functioning Autistic Child,' His Own Mother Claimed READ The Disturbing Court Documents Filed Before His Rampage

Were there hidden signs that UCSB mass shooter, Elliot Rodger could one day erupt? His own mother, Li Chin Rodger, gave a glimpse into her son’s mental state when she claimed he was a special needs, high functioning autistic child in divorce documents exclusively obtained by

The future killer’s father, Hunger Games second unit director, Peter Rodger filed for divorce from the boy’s mother in 1999, when Elliot was seven years old.

Her attorney subsequently filed a request for child support that read, “The parties’ son Elliot has special needs; he is a high functioning autistic child.”

Read The Disturbing Claims In The Parents’ Court Documents

Elliot’s father questioned the autism diagnosis and stated in his own sworn declaration, “Though Li Chin Rodger claims in her court documents that Elliot is a high functioning autistic child, I was not involved in any prior evaluation of Elliot. Li Chin did not inform me about any evaluation of Elliot. This disturbed me greatly. I am now in the process of having Elliot evaluated by a child psychiatrist. Li Chin Rodger has agreed to be a part of the process.”

The 22-year-old, who law enforcement officials say killed seven people, including himself, also “heard voices.”

Rodger stabbed three males in his apartment before taking to the streets in a black BMW on Friday night. There, he fatally shot two female UCSB students and one male. Rodger also hit two bicyclists with his car and seriously injured others with gunfire.

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Rodger lived in a world of nannies, private schools and trips to Europe and Asia. He attended movie premieres thanks to his father’s work as a director and his mother’s friendship with George Lucas.

After Peter and Li Chin divorced, the director remarried but Elliot reportedly never liked his stepmother, and in his final days, planned to kill her.

Elliot had written an extraordinary manifesto, 141 pages that details almost every aspect of his 22 years – a disturbing look into the mind of a madman.

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For example, it states how when hearing an African American classmate brag that he’d lost his virginity at age 13, Rodger was outraged.

“How could an inferior black ugly black boy get a white girl and not me? I am beautiful and I am half white myself,” he ranted. Elliot’s mother is from Malaysia.

“I am descended from British aristocracy,” he continued. “He is descended from slaves.”

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Several years later, when he was a student atSanta Barbara City College, his father drove up from L.A. to meet him for lunch and they went to a casual spot in a shopping center. It might have gone well until he saw a “dark-skinned Mexican boy” together with a “hot blonde” girl.

He became enraged and considered it an “an insult to my dignity.” He had the same reaction to seeing an interracial couple.

As previously reported,  Elliot had refused to take psychiatric drugs prescribed by Dr. Charles Sophy.

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At the time of his death, Elliot hadn’t seen a psychiatrist in over two years, and was seeing a psychologist.

“At the time of Elliott’s killings, he was being treated by two psychologists: one in Santa Barbara and another in Southern California,” a family insider previously told us. “His family now recognizes that he should have been in intensive treatment, including psychiatrists.”

“They did everything they could to get him help, and they are absolutely riddled with guilt and self loathing because of Elliot’s actions,” the source said.

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His family remains in hiding.

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