Nervous, Lindsay? Lohan To Judge In Leggings Lawsuit: ‘I Refuse To Talk About My Miscarriage Or Sobriety In Court!’

Lindsay Lohan’s habit of creating excuses may have just backfired.

In court documents, the off-the-wagon rehab alum, 27, claimed she was unable to respond to a $5 million lawsuit filed in December by D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries, the manufacturers of her failed 6126 leggings line, because she was “overwhelmed since leaving rehab and dealing with…sobriety and a miscarriage,” she wrote.

On May 9, D.N.A.M. requested to cross-examine Lohan— specifically regarding her sobriety and miscarriage claims— in L.A. on June 5.

But not so surprisingly, it looks like the OWN reality star isn’t looking to elaborate on her sob story.

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Lohan’s lawyers fired back three days later, alleging that a deposition would “would invade her right of privacy and provide the court no guidance in its ruling,” court documents state. “The court does not need the media circus that would ensue if [D.N.A.M.’s counsel] is allowed to invade Lohan’s privacy and delve into her mental state regarding her sobriety and miscarriage.”

In addition, as a New York resident, Lohan — who frequently flies between both coasts — would not be available to testify in L.A., her lawyers add.

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As exclusively reported, friends believe the actress invented the miscarriage story in order to explain her constant unprofessional and bizarre behavior while filming her Oprah-backed series.

Lohan first sued D.N.A.M. for $1 million in January 2013, claiming the apparel company failed to pay royalties and properly advertise the 6126 brand. But D.N.A.M. soon countersued Lohan for $5 million, alleging the troubled actress’ tarnished reputation hurt sales.

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