Homeless Housewife? Phaedra Parks’ Hubby Apollo Nida Could Have Properties Seized In Fraud Case

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is almost over, but the drama continues off-screen thanks to Apollo Nida’s messy bank fraud and identity theft case.

Phaedra Parks’ husband waived his indictment last week, paving the way to a trial or a plea deal. But in further court documents obtained by Radar, prosecutors make it clear that the former felon’s road to freedom won’t be a painless one. RadarOnline.com has learned that the feds could be prepping to seize his homes!

Court documents filed on April 24 and obtained by Radar state that “Upon conviction of the offense alleged… [Nida] shall forfeit to the United States … any property constituting or derived from proceeds obtained directly or indirectly as a result of” his alleged scam. If the court can’t find or agree upon what that property is, the government will expect a cash payment.

Nida is still a long way from conviction, but should reality TV star Parks be worried about losing her home? Probably not.

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Nida and Parks signed a pre-nup before marrying in 2009, and according to property records obtained by Radar, they have managed to keep their property holdings separate since then.

In fact, when Parks and Nida moved into their $849,000 Buckhead mansion in 2013, according to a sale report, her name was the only one on the lease.

In addition, she is still the owner of a $161,900 home in Athens, Georgia, according to property records.

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Records show Nida as the owner of several other low-end properties in the Atlanta area.

So even if Nida ends up going to the big house, Parks will still be a housewife — for now.

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