Gold Medal Sext: Full Frontal Nude Of Skater Johnny Weir LEAKED As His Ex Claims He Was Unfaithful

Just call it XXX ice capades.

Olympic skater Johnny Weir sent a full-frontal nude selfie of himself to random men whom he’d allegedly met online — all whilst he was still married to his husband Victor Voronov, it was claimed last night. has learned Voronov, at the center of a dirty same-sex divorce, is in possession of an image which shows what he alleges is Weir’s erect penis.

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“It’s small and crooked,” said one source, who had seen the image!

What’s more, Radar has obtained a series of steamy messages purporting to show how Weir used Grindr, an all-male social network that uses location-based technologies to bring together potential lovers.

In those messages, which were posted on Twitter, an individual — who identified himself as the three-time U.S. national champion Weir — asked an unknown suitor whether he “lives here,” though the location and date of the missives is not known.

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“What do u do here,” the man responded, adding that he lived wherever Weir was, at the time.

Weir allegedly retorted, “I’m a figure skater. We have a show here… What are you looking for here.”

The man said: “Cool. You must have strong legs.”

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In addition, there is also a photo of a freshly showered Weir in the reflection of a mirror and clutching what appears to be an iPhone in a leopard printed case.

As part of his petition for divorce, Voronov told a New Jersey court how “Weir committed acts of adultery” during the course of their three-year marriage. Voronov, a lawyer, said the infidelities included a Chicago club owner and during the summer of 2013, another man whom the NBC commentator performed oral sex on.

He also “engaged in a threesome while at a hotel in Los Angeles and engaged in a sexting relationship with a porn star, ‘Michael Lucas,’” Voronov wrote in a declaration.

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Whilst for most, the potential release of steamy pix could be a disaster, Weir batted away the issue in an interview with NBC anchor Billy Bush. He said that he didn’t fear any leak, because “I look flawless.”

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