Kate Gosselin Slams Ex-Husband Jon For Shooting Gun, Tells Katie Couric She’s Worried About ‘The Safety Of My Kids’

Kate Gosselin has almost zero contact with her ex-husband Jon and she told Katie Couric that his recent actions, including firing his gun at a photographer has her worried for the “safety” of their eight children.

The former Kate Plus 8 star, who is returning to reality television after a two-year hiatus, said on the Katie Show that her relationship with the children’s father is fractured.

“Your ex is in the news recently about firing a gun on his property, a photographer had trespassed and he fired a warning shot. What did you think when you heard that, Kate,” Couric, 57, asked Kate, 38.

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“I think that I thought what every mom would think,” Kate said.

“The safety of my kids. And I’m keeping their safety in the forefront of my mind.”

Notorious for her fights with Jon, 36, Kate said that she isn’t in charge of his life or his actions anymore.

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“It’s difficult In a divorce situation you don’t have control beyond your boundaries.”

She also told Couric that their fractured relationship is draining.

“I try to keep the peace as much as possible, it’s difficult at times. Someone gave me the advice to ‘Bite your tongue and don’t give in, it’s still their dad,’ and that made me very aware, it’s the best thing for the kids.”

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