Connor Cruise: I Love My Mother Nicole Kidman, I Don't Care What People Say

Connor Cruise dispelled any rumors about acrimony in his relationship with mother Nicole Kidman, professing his love and loyalty for her in the new edition of Australia‘s Woman’s Day.

“I love my mom — I don’t care what people say,” the young Cruise, who the actor and then-wife Kidman adopted in 1995, told the publication. “I know that me and mom are solid.

“I love her a lot. My family means everything.”

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Tom Cruise‘s 19-year-old DJ son said while he loves his music, “the family comes before everything else.”

The supposed strain in the relationship between Kidman and her son has previously been characterized in reports as partly based on his belief in Scientology, though Kidman downplays the issue.

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Kidman, asked about Scientology last year, made mention that two of her kids (Connor and sister Isabella) are of the faith, and she’s fine with that.

“I utterly respects their beliefs,” the Dead Calm stunner, who has two other children with hubby Keith Urban told The Hollywood Reporter.

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