Big Baby, Baby, Baby, Oooh: Justin Bieber’s Uncle Says ‘He’s Just A Lost Little Boy’

As Justin Bieber spirals out of control, his uncle claims it’s because he’s brokenhearted over ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, who he’s still deeply in love with.

In an exclusive interview with STAR magazine, Brad Bieber reveals that Justin, 19, is acting out because he loves Gomez, but admits the Canadian pop star is “just a lost little boy.”

“How would you feel if your first love didn’t work out? How would you feel if that relationship went sour, and then it became public and you had no chance to heal or sort out your own emotions and feelings?” Brad said.

“He’s just a brokenhearted, lost little boy.”

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But Brad believes Justin should walk away from Selena and focus on himself instead.

“He’s a teenage boy with immense wealth, and with that comes responsibility, which perhaps he hasn’t found yet,” he said.

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As Radar previously reported, Justin is now facing criminal charges in two countries — Canada and the U.S.

Justin was arrested for a DUI, drag racing, resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license in Miami last month and then turned himself into a Toronto police station on Jan. 29 where he was charged with criminal assault.

For more on the interview with Justin’s uncle, pick up the latest issue of STAR magazine, on newsstands today.

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