Charlie Sheen Told By FX Network To 'Tone Down Negative Rhetoric' Towards Ex-Wife Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen has been told by network executives to tone down the negative slams towards ex-wife, Denise Richards, prompting the actor to make a public plea for a truce with his former spouse, is exclusively reporting.

Network executives from FX, which airs Sheen’s Anger Management, told him “he had to tone down the negative rhetoric towards Denise Richards because it was getting so much negative publicity. After Charlie posted those disgusting messages on Twitter that Denise was a pig and media ho, the bosses stepped in and said enough,” a source close to Sheen told Radar.

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“Charlie is spiraling out of control right now, and making matters worse is that his three most trusted advisers recently quit. The people that used to be able to talk him off the ledge in the past, just aren’t there. Charlie deleted all of the negative posts about Denise from his Twitter profile and did issue a mea culpa to Denise.”

On Wednesday night, Sheen tried to make peace with his ex-wife by posting the following message:

hey D!


I love Sami & Lola
too much to allow my
for real parental justice
in mine AND
pure and pleasant desire
to exhibit and express
hart & soul love for


Radar broke the story that the mercurial actor wanted to evict Richards and her children from a house he owns in his neighborhood, because of a spat involving Sheen’s belief that his ex was preventing him from spending Christmas with their daughters, Sam and Lola. Multiple source have told Radar that Richards did in fact invite Sheen to go on their family vacation.

Sheen went nuclear on Richards on social media after it was revealed he wanted to kick her out of the house.

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It’s not the first time Sheen has released an expletive rant directed at Richardswho has seemingly done nothing but try to help him and his children, taking in his twin sons when their mother Brooke Mueller was taken on a psych hold and put in rehab.

Sheen’s bosses at FX, “just don’t understand why he has to publicly shame his ex-wives whenever he gets angry at them. You have never seen either Brooke or Denise go after him in the media, or on social media,” the insider added.

“One minute Charlie can be the calmest, most chill person, and in a flash, he switches into this crazed maniac. It just makes no sense.”

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