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Dangerous New Friends? Amanda Bynes Meeting New People — But They Aren’t Sober

Amanda Bynes has been slowly adjusting to life outside of the rehab center and has been listening to the advice that she cut out all of her old bad-influence friends, but has exclusively learned that she’s reaching out to a new group of friends that aren’t sober.

“Amanda was told to stop talking to everyone from before she went into rehab,” a source close to the actress said.

She totally listened and she isn’t talking to any of her old friends, any of the people that were around doing drugs or drinking or being a bad influence.”

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However, while Bynes has been making new friends she may not realize that they’re not really a sober group.

“Amanda’s new friends are really nice and none of them do drugs, but they do go out to bars and clubs and have drinks,” a source close to the situation told Radar exclusively.

“They are all really supportive of Amanda and want her to stay healthy so they aren’t going to do anything to try and influence her to use anything, but they aren’t totally sober themselves.”

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The 27-year-old former Nickelodeon star is trying to regain a sense of normalcy and was scheduled to start fashion school on Monday, a move that sources close to her told Radar was a “terrible idea.”

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