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'Affluenza’ Outrage: Petition Nears 10K Signatures To Kick Judge — Who Gave Teen Ethan Couch 'Light' Sentence — Off The Bench

The public is outraged by what is being called the ‘light’ and ‘unfair’ sentencing of Texas teen Ethan Couch, 16, who was given just 10 years probation by Judge Jean Boyd — instead of serving any jail time — and a new petition on Change.org is calling for Texas Gov. Rick Perry to remove the judge from the bench, and RadarOnline.com has all the details.

In just three days, the powerful petition has gathered nearly 10,000 signatures from people all across America.

Addressed to Perry, the petition is titled Governor Rick Perry: Take Judge Jean Boyd Off The Bench and was started by Terrence Green of Dallas, Texas.

“Judge Boyd gave a child probation for killing four people while driving drunk and with Valiums in his system,” Green wrote.

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“Judge Boyd could have sentenced Couch to up to 20 years… These four lives have to be worth something. Basically because his family is rich the judge is saying it’s ok.”

Support and signatures for the petition have flooded in quickly.

“As a retired police officer/police chief in Ohio for 33 years, I have seen egregious decisions from the bench, but this decision makes all the others pale in comparison,” George Dragovich of Hartville, Ohio, wrote on the petition.

“Judge Boyd deserves to be stripped of her right to continue as a judge or even an attorney. Please take action against her.”

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Stephen Pyka of The Colony, Texas, signed the petition saying, “This sentence is a slap in the face the families of those who were killed. He’s sent to California to a spa-type center while the families of the victims get to go to cemetery.”

As Radar previously reported, Couch will be spending the next two years at a private rehab center in Newport Beach, Calif., as part of his sentencing, costing his parents $450,000 per year.

The injustice has gone global, with one supporter of the petition writing all the way from New Zealand.

“This is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard this year. So if you are rich you are now allowed to steal liquor, drive drunk, kill people, leave the scene and then end up in a resort to ‘heal’,” Michelle Rutherford wrote.

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“Disgusting, no wonder nobody has faith in the legal system anymore! This had to be a bribe.”

In June, Couch killed four people during a booze-fueled joyride when he smashed his pickup truck into a group of people trying to fix a flat tire, and severely injured two passengers riding in the back of his truck.

While prosecutors were pushing for the boy to spend 20 years in custody, defense attorney Scott Brown pulled off the unthinkable, persuading Judge Boyd to sentence the teen to 10 years of probation, under the rationale that he suffered from affluenza — a sense of entitlement so extreme, due to his family’s wealth, that he had no concept of consequence.

“There is already gross wealth inequality we don’t need judicial inequality for the rich,” Texan Douglas Waisanen wrote.

The petition had 8,652 signatures at the time of publication.