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Kim Kardashian’s Inner Circle Reportedly Urging Her To Think Twice Before Marrying Control Freak Kanye West

Kim Kardashian‘s closest friends, seeing obvious changes in the reality TV superstar, are urging her to think twice before exchanging “I do’s” with fiance Kanye West, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Sources tell Life & Style everything about the engagement we’ve seen, from the AT&T proposal, to her dreamy demeanor on a follow-up appearance on the Tonight Show, has been carefully scripted by the R&B star, with Kim functioning “like a robot” at his behest.

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“It was as if she’d been brainwashed about what to say,” an insider told the magazine of her Oct. 30 chat with Jay Leno. “She didn’t have a sparkle in her eye that she once had.

Another Kardashian insider said that Kim is “under Kanye’s spell,” and he’s been “making the decisions about everything,” which even the most casual observer could tell.

“Nothing about the engagement was Kim,” the pal groused. “It was completely not like her to be proposed to in the baseball stadium.

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Attends Concert For Fiance Kanye West

“He’s calling the shots about the wedding, the house they’re constructing, everything down to what shoes she’s gonna wear to events.”

Another source noted that the “Stronger” singer has set ugly precedents as the super-couple heads to “till death do us part,” saying West has demanded “complete approval over everything having to do with the wedding.”

The pals reason that Kim is taking a more passive stance — not wearing the pants as she did in her previous marriages — because she’s hoping third time will be a charm; they just wonder what price she will have to pay to make it work.

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“Kim doesn’t think she’s being controlled,” the source said. “She’s ‘deciding’ to do whatever Kanye wants.

“She’s so in the Kanye bubble right now.”