Brittany Murphy's Death Tied To Possible Contaminated Cocaine, Meth: Report

With rampant speculation swirling around the premature passing of actress Brittany Murphy, a new report links the Clueless star’s death to bad batches of cocaine and methamphetamine circulating through the Los Angeles area around the time of her Dec. 2009 death.

A source told the NY Post that the drugs might have been laced with toxic substances such as rat poison, building a plausible link to the unusually high amount of heavy metals detected in Murphy’s system in the investigation her father, Angelo Bertolotti, unfurled out of suspicions her official cause of death (pneumonia and anemia) wasn’t accurate.

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In related news, Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden told the paper that the heavy metals found in hair samples could have actually been from “the container in which it was kept.”

Baden said that the findings Bertolotti has submitted to officials in hopes of kickstarting an expanded investigation — while “interesting” — “do not demonstrate criminality or cause of death.”

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