Same Ol’ Song & Dance: Lindsay Lohan ‘Insanely Belligerent,’ Confrontational At New York Karaoke Bar

Just when we thought we were out, she pulls us back in …

Lindsay Lohan behaved “insanely belligerent” — and got into a verbal fight with a worker — during an all-night kickback last week with pals at New York’s Sing Sing Karaoke bar, has learned.

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An insider told the NY Daily News that “Lindsay was chain-smoking” throughout the outing at the East Village pub, where she and her hangers-on primarily hung out in a private karaoke room.

While LiLo was overheard saying she wasn’t boozing, her entourage sure was, draining a bottle of Jameson, and leaving the room they were in a mess of empty liquor bottles and garbage.

At one point, Lohan pleaded with staff to keep the bar open after its’ designated closing time, which led to a “disturbance.”

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After staffers asked her to hit the road, LiLo summoned the NYPD to the scene, where she said that they had held her captive in a private karaoke room, the insider told the paper. Police did not take a report of the incident.

Conspicuous by his absence was The Canyons star’s sober coach, Doug Caine.

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In the name of damage control, the paper reported, the actress had two of her friends try to make nice with the bar workers the next day. Prior to this incident, the mercurial Mean Girls actress had kept a low profile since her release from rehab this summer.

Her father Michael, in response to the report, reassured the paper his daughter is “absolutely fine,” but had a message for her running mates.

“If they care about her,” he said, “they won’t drink in front of her.”

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