Brandi Glanville Boasts She's 'Verrrrrrry Chill' After Downing Powerful Muscle Relaxer

Brandi Glanville, open book that she is, announced to the world she’s been prescribed Soma — a powerful muscle relaxer health officials admonish can be addictive — and she seemed to be enjoying it, from the tone of her tweet.

“My dr. Put me on a muscle relaxer ‘soma’ ???? Verrrrrrry chill,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted early Friday.

We’re not sure exactly why Brandi was given the drug, we just hope she’s extra careful with it, as the medicine can be dangerous if taken improperly, or combined with alcohol or other narcotics (Xanax and Vicodin, in particular).

Brandi Tweeted To I have been given Soma to help with my jaw locking up and my severe TMJ my new little dog chewed my mouthguard…twice.

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“It is possible to overdose on” Soma, according to L.A.-based rehab facility Narconon. “When too much of the drug is taken, it results in a stupor, coma, shock, depression of breathing and even death.

“Its addictiveness is why Soma has such a short recommended treatment period.”

The facility said that “a person will develop a tolerance for the drug quickly, meaning that more of the drug needs to be taken to get the same effect. Cravings will set in that keep the person from being willing to quit taking it and there will be withdrawal symptoms if drug use is stopped. These three factors are what constitute addiction.”

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