Lindsay Lohan Hysterical & In Tears As She Heads To Rehab, Says Her Dad Michael

Lindsay Lohan is not happy about where she’s going to spend her court-ordered rehab sentence and has exclusively learned that she’s in tears as she boards a plane to California.

“She was crying hysterically when she called me,” her father Michael Lohan explained.

Lindsay is heading to California but she doesn’t want to go the place she’s going and she’s upset that she’s being forced to do so.”

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As previously reported, Lindsay has been trying to change where she’ll spend her 90-days from Morningside Recovery to one her father recommended in Florida.

“Lindsay wants to go to the Lukens Institute,” Michael said.

“But she’s going to go to Morningside in Newport Beach until she can transfer to the one in Florida.”

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Lindsay has even had her brother Michael Lohan Jr. call the City Attorney to plead with him to let her change treatment centers, but he was not successful in his endeavor.

Her attorney Mark Heller is expected to appear before the judge in California on Thursday and Lindsay’s father says that even if she starts treatment on the West Coast she still hopes to change shortly.

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“She asked me if she could transfer to Lukens once she starts and I told her of course she can,” Michael said.

“I will get it all settled for her.”

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