Howard Stern, Wife & Children Attacked By Online Bullies; Shock Jock Vows To ‘Go To War’

Is the King of All Media the target of a band of jokers? It appears that way.

A rogue troupe of Howard Stern fans-turned-haters have relentlessly waged war on the 59-year-old, taking personal pot shots via Twitter and other online resources such as Dawg’s Saloon, a Stern-based message board.

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Much of the vitriol has been focused on Stern’s perceived transformation from the rebellious shock jock of the 90s to a satellite radio scion accepted in the mainstream (as evidenced by his high-profile gig on NBC’s America’s Got Talent).

While Stern is certainly no slouch to the battle — and can verbally incinerate with the best of them — some of the bullying has been focused at his family, most notably his wife since 2008, model Beth Ostrosky; and his three daughters. (The radio legend has been fiercely protective and private regarding his family in recent years, rarely mentioning them on his radio program.)

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When Stern’s oldest daughter Emily, a singer-songwriter, released an album late last year, posters repeatedly mocked her track Zoo Za Zoo, constantly referring to the song title in jest, and adding it to hashtags in tweets. (A sly play on Stern fans’ notorious Baba Booey shout outs into news and radio shows, one YouTube user named ARMon Quwaymantisdale has made a number of phony phone calls dropping esoteric references to the radio star while mentioning the phrase.)

In the Twitter-sphere, two notable handles — @NotMyBro and @Gary_Puppethave been aggressive in their jabs, frenetically tweeting insult after insult at the Long Island native. In some instances, they have even used images taken from his wife’s and daughters’ Instagram and Facebook pages, in a presumable effort to bait a response.

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Stern addressed the issue on his radio show last week, saying, “I’m subjected to cyberbullying every day on that Twitter.

“I got a guy now who’s finding out the real names and the occupations of what the people do who bully me. I’m kind of a fighter, so — there’s this one dude, 36-years-old from California. There’s a couple of others: I’m just gonna learn about them and make them tick, and what they do.

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“I’m all about that. Ill go to war with anyone, I’m a warrior — let’s do it.” (Ouch! We wouldn’t want to be on his bad side …)

The Howard Stern Show airs weekdays on SiriusXM.

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