Farrah Abraham ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ Before She Did Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham has been defiantly defending her decision to make a sex tape but RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that she made the tape only after she “hit rock bottom.”

The troubled Teen Mom star made her own sex tape with professional porn star James Deen and was trying to sell it for millions, but source close to the reality star says that she felt like she had no other options.

“Farrah broke down, that’s why she decided to do the porn,” the source says.

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She is desperate for fame. She still wants to be as famous as she was on Teen Mom and she doesn’t know how to get that attention back.  She never wants the show to end because she needs it.”

The decision to film the video seemed like a good one at the time to Farrah, but the source says she now knows it was a mistake.

“Farrah has said that she hit rock bottom and she felt like that was her only option, doing porn. She couldn’t come up with any other way to make money.”

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With the backlash from her Dr. Phil TV interview and zero interest in selling her sex tape, Farrah is still struggling to make ends meet.

“Farrah is working on acting, she’s still trying to get a singing career, which probably won’t happen and she’s trying to model.”

The source says she’s frantically trying anything to support herself and her daughter, but nothing is working now.

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“She is still working on her food line, which really her mom does all the work and she takes all the credit, but that isn’t bringing any money in. She’s even talked about putting Sophia in child modeling.”

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