Demi Lovato Says She Wasn’t Ready to Join The X Factor After Dealing With Eating Disorders & Cutting

Demi Lovato says she jumped into her high-profile gig on The X Factor too soon, after dealing with a myriad of personal issues including anorexia, bulimia and cutting.

The 20-year-old strikes a provocative pose for the new issue of Cosmo On Campus and says “I don’t think I was ready when I started on The X Factor. In an ideal situation I would have maybe waited a year or more.

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“I dived into work really quickly and maybe that wasn’t the best idea at the time, but the place I am in today is so much better than I could have ever imagined, so I’m really glad.”

As we previously reported, Lovato three years ago entered a rehab facility after struggling with the aforementioned issues. While L.A. Reid and Britney Spears recently parted ways with The X Factor, Demi will remain on next season.

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In the chat, the former Disney diva also opens up on her love life, saying she’s ready to date again, but won’t lose sight of her well-being under any circumstances.

“It is very unhealthy when girls devote all of their time to a guy and forget their friends and family,” the Camp Rock star says. “I did that. I was always looking for distractions because I was so afraid of being alone.

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“I have spent the last year focusing on myself and its been incredible. More has come out of the past year than in my entire career so far, and I truly believe it was because I was taking care of myself and not focusing on guys.”

Demi says she’s “in a place where [she] can finally trust and love and be a better person for the man [she’s] in a relationship with, instead of being a clingy girlfriend or getting jealous.”

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Cosmo on Campus is also available on Apple Newsstand (U.S. customers, download the Cosmo UK app to access).

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