Party Like A Polygamist! Kody Brown Spills On His Birthday Celebrations With His Four Sister Wives

One thing’s for sure – when you have four wives and seventeen kids, you’re guaranteed a big party and more than the average share of presents!

Case in point – Polygamist reality TV star Kody Brown, who spilled the details on his recent birthday celebration exclusively with .

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“We actually had a birthday party at home,” Kody said about spending the day with his wives Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn and most of their children, but unfortunately, the whole family wasn’t together for dad’s big day.

“Three of my children missed the party because they were out of town or at an athletic event,” Kody said.

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However, the conservative religious family made up for the absent kids by serving Kody everything he likes to eat.

“We had cake, ice cream and my favorite meal, which is Hawaiian Haystacks,” he said.

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The day wasn’t complete though until the family showered him with gifts, and Kody said: “One of my wives gave me an iPod.”

Despite living in Las Vegas now, this wasn’t a get wild on the Strip celebration for the Brown family.

“Sorry, it was mostly peaceful!” he joked.


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