Don’t Believe The Hype! Dating Website’s Self Professed ‘Nice Guys’ Unveiled As Being Anything But!

We admit – we love scouring the Internet for the snark, and we’ve struck gold with “Nice Guys of OkCupid,” a look into fellas on the popular dating website who proclaim they’re “nice guys” though their profiles seem to strongly indicate otherwise, strewn with misogynistic content.

For example, one Emo-esque gent grouses, “I am so tired of the fake ass girls complaining that men are a**holes and jerks and how they just want a nice guy who treats them right. This nice guy has been under your g* d*ned nose this entire f**ing time holding your hand. Nice guys will never ask you to do anything twice you are not comfortable with.”

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Of course, that doesn’t quite square with the “nice guy’s” answers from an OkCupid questionnaire in which he affirmed that he believes there are circumstances in which women are “obliged to have sex with [men].”

Another fella also says all the right things in his carefully manicured profile blurb, stating, “I believe women should be treated with respect and loved for who they are. Why such amazing girls end up with a**holes and that nice guys finish last?”

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But once again, the devil’s details reside in the questionnaire answers, where the same forward thinking Prince Charming says he believes lesbian sex is OK, but not sex between two  men; that gays having children is not acceptable; and women have a standing obligation to keep their legs shaved!


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