Courtney Looks More Street Than Dog Walker! Nearly Naked Stodden Strolls With Pooch (In Stripper Heels!)

Courtney Stodden does everything in life wearing as little clothing as possible, and clad in her trusty stripper heels – including taking her puppy out for a stroll – and has photos of the Teen Bride‘s latest outrageous dog walking attire.

Stodden looked more street walker than dog walker, stripped down to a teeny tiny black bikini that perfectly showcased her buxom bosom and taut tush, as she teetered down the road in impossibly high heels with her dog Dourtney (named after she and Doug Hutchison, her 52-year-old husband) .

PHOTOS: Courtney Stodden Takes A Nearly Naked Stroll With Pooch

As previously reported, the 18-year-old was chastised by Dr. Jen on Couples Therapy for her overly sexual style, and was advised to tone down her look.

The sage advice obviously hit a sore spot, as Courtney subsequently walked out, leaving the show early, complaining that she felt like she was being “bullied” over her risque wardrobe choices.

PHOTOS: Courtney Stodden Vamps It Up In Teeny Tiny White Dress

And, Courtney is clearly continuing to ignore the advice as she prances around Los Angeles in ever tinier outfits.

Well, if you’ve got it flaunt it!

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