THAT'S What You Call A Dog's Dinner! Owner Treats His Terminally Ill Beloved Boxer To Ultimate Last Supper!

When Lennox the Boxer dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer, his heartbroken owner vowed to send his canine best buddy out on a high note – with a feast fit for a King – and has the touching video of the happy hound savoring every lick, bite and chew of his last supper.

Lennox’s owner had tried everything to prolong the life of his precious pooch for as long as possible – numerous surgeries were performed to treat both the cancer and the debilitating arthritis that he was suffering from –  but when a tumor developed on Lennox’s left shoulder that made it hard for him to lift himself up from the floor, his owner decided enough was enough and made arrangements for his loyal companion to be put to sleep and out of his pain forever.

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Before their final visit to the vet though, the dog lover and his roommate prepared the ultimate last supper that any dog could possibly wish for, then filmed their beloved boxer as he limped over to the gigantic plate overflowing with bacon, sausages, bread, greens and rice, and topped off with a huge turkey leg wrapped in bacon!

In the video, Lennox can be seen initially giving a tentative sniff of the offerings, before delightedly diving for the bacon, chewing apart the turkey leg and gnawing on the cheesy bread and sausages.

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The fido feasted to his heart’s content, enjoying every single second of his last moments on Earth, before being put to sleep later that afternoon, revealed the video diary.

“This post isn’t meant to be sad in any way,” Lennox’s owner captioned the last photo of his now at peace pup. “He lived like an absolute boss all his life! And the meal reflects that!”


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