When Giraffes Attack! New Discovery Show Reveals Explosive Fight

By Radar Staff

Who knew that giraffes, Africa’s gentle giants, could butt their long necks in violent combat?

As this Discovery Channel sneak peek clip from its upcoming “Africa” nature series shows, the tall beautiful animals have a mean streak.  And documentarians caught an explosive fight between two giraffes for the show, which is set to air Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 10 p.m.

With Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker narrating, we see the giraffes using their muscular 6 foot long, 500-pound necks like jousting swords.  Whitaker explains to viewers it’s all about machismo: “a young gun sidles into town looking to stake his claim. The first blow should settle it. [But] not today.

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“Most of the time they’re gentle vegetarians, but to protect precious territory, they will fight.”

Now we know. And celebrity fans of the graceful animals should be cautious.

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