Padma’s One Hot Tamale! Top Chef Host Lakshmi Rocks Blue Bikini

By Radar Staff

With a job that involves munching on decadent dishes non stop Padma Lakshmi would be forgiven for adding a few extra pounds to her model figure.

But has super hot new photos of the Top Chef presenter rocking a blue bikini – and there isn’t an inch to pinch!

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The 42-year-old Indian model was snapped taking in the waves and frolicking in Miami Beach over the weekend. The stunning single mom looked low-key in a blue tank top, shorts and sandals after she covered up to take a stroll to her hotel later that afternoon.

Earlier in the day she showed off her washboard stomach in a bikini with a fun, fringe top.

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Earlier this year Lakshmi told Shape magazine how she maintains her enviable figure. Padma says that while she loves almonds, lentils and brown rice she can’t resist the odd indulgence.

Lakshmi said: “If someone made a jalapeno, salt-and-vinegar potato chip that was a kettle chip, I would never be able to stop!

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“I have weakness for potato chips.”


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