ON YOUR RADAR 2012: The Most Talked About Celebrity Babies, Kids & Teens Of The Year

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By Radar Staff

It isn’t surprising that the spawn of Hollywood’s hottest stars got a lot of attention in 2012!

From newborn babies and adorable toddlers to teens gone wild, the children of the rich and famous were definitely dominating the headlines this year. As part of our year-end special feature, ON YOUR RADAR 2012, RadarOnline.com has photos and details about the 10 most talked about celebrity babies, kids and teens of the year.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Babies, Kids & Teens Of The Year

With Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes splitting up in the early summer, Suri Cruise suddenly became the subject of a broken family. The spunky 6-year-old, who started a new school in New York City in the fall, spent most of her time with her mother and was introduced to a more normal lifestyle that included public transportation instead of limos and commercial flights instead of private jets.

Jessica Simpson and Beyonce welcomed their respective daughters, Maxwell Drew Johnson and Blue Ivy Carter, who were certainly beloved to the public the instant they popped out.

It was a big year for Louis Bardo! The adorable son of Sandra Bullock, who spent most of 2011 with a frown on his face, started smiling all over the place.

Cindy Crawford and Anna Nicole Smith’s gorgeous daughters both followed in their mothers’ fashionable footsteps! While Kaia Gerber was the spitting image of her supermodel mom in a Young Versace ad, Dannielynn Birkead resurrected her late mother’s memory by appearing in her own GUESS campaign.

Ireland Baldwin and Kendall Jenner both turned seventeen in 2012, definitely coming into their own. While Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s gorgeous girl suddenly transformed into the spitting image of her famously beautiful mom and became a fixture on social media, Kris and Bruce Jenner’s statuesque daughter put all of her energy into a career on the catwalk.

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