Sam Worthington’s Mugshot: Arrested For Alleged Drunken Brawl in Atlanta!

By Jon BoonRadar Reporter

Aussie actor Sam Worthington was arrested after clashing with a doorman in Atlanta over the weekend, and has his completely unrecognizable mugshot!

The Avatar star appears more villain than hero as he sports a shaved head and a long goatee beard as poses for his booking photo.

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Sam, 36, was refused entry to Vortex Bar and Grill restaurant because he appeared highly intoxicated and is alleged to have pushed a doorman twice and used profanities to voice his displeasure. Sam was also believed to have lacked the proper identification to enter.

Sam reportedly told the bouncer he was a DEA agent – but that claim fell on deaf ears.

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The doorman pepper sprayed an irate Sam and handcuffed him until the cops arrived on the scene, according to a police report.

Sam was taken into custody by authorities and later charged with disorderly conduct.

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However, on Monday, charges against Sam were dismissed when the doorman failed to appear at court for the hearing.

Worthington is currently in Atlanta filming the drug action film Ten.

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Sam’s certainly got his appearance right – he looks just like Breaking Bad’s ‘Heisenberg’ in his booking photo!


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