Nervous Adrienne Maloof Prepares To Reunite With RHOBH Enemy Lisa Vanderpump

By Radar Staff

As she gears up for a reunion dinner with Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof is apprehensive about how things will go with her former friend, as the pair’s already strained relationship is currently at breaking point.

Shoe designer Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids last season and in retaliation, Lisa has made some super catty remarks about Adrienne’s shoe line…so things could definitely go either way at the dinner party.

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Adrienne and her now-estranged husband Paul Nassif, along with Kyle Richards discuss the meet-up a few hours before and mom-of-three Adrienne confessed how anxious she was about seeing her old nemesis.

“This will be the first time I’ve seen Lisa in months. I’m going to be on my best behavior…I hope she will be also,” Adrienne says to Kyle Richards.

“There are bigger things to worry about and I need to get over it.”

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Paul is more skeptical though and insists that Lisa owes Adrienne a big apology.

He said: “She [Lisa] made some negative comments about Adrienne’s very beautiful shoes. And also about our dog…calling him Crackpot,” he says to Kyle Richards, who is in the limo with them.

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You can watch a sneak peek of the show here. For the full episode, tune in to Bravo on Monday at 9/8c.


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